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By EVPAD | 24 December 2020 | 0 Comments

EVPAD APP APK - EVPAD TV Box Set-top Installation Method of Third-Party Application Stores

Preparation: EVPAD TV Box,  USB flash drive, computer

1. Google search "Dangbei market", enter the official website to download the latest version of the apk file (direct download address of Dangbei market: http://app.znds.com/update/dbmarket.apk)

Overseas users can also choose to download the overseas English version of Dangbei Market:

2. (If you have file management, you can skip this step) First make sure there is a file manager on your box, if not, please refer to this post http://www.znds.com/article-389-1.html, use the box Assistant installation.

3. Insert the U disk into the USB interface of the EVPAD TV Box, and open the file manager of the box;

4. Find the directory where you put the software, click the software installation package and follow the prompts to install it;

5. After installation, you can open it directly, or you can find Dangbei market in the application list of the box;

6. After Dangbei Market is installed, you can install the third-party live broadcast, on-demand, game and other applications you need in Dangbei in EVPAD TV Box, such as TV Home, VST Full Aggregation, TV Cat, Taijie Video Wait!